F-Secure Safe Anywhere

F-Secure Safe Anywhere provided multi-platform anti-virus software offers Banking Protection, Mobile Security, Family Rules and other features, to enable you to enjoy peace of mind wherever you may be.

Comprehensive protection anywhere

Multi-platform anti-virus software offers Banking Protection, Mobile Security,
Family Rules and other features, to enable you to enjoy peace of
mind wherever you may be.


NETVIGATOR F-Secure Safe Anywhere – from the highly-respected F-Secure security software expert – is ideal for PCs, Macs, iOS, Android smartphones and tablets. This multi-platform anti-virus software eliminates the need to buy software tailored to each device’s platform. Additional features, such as online banking protection and mobile security, and parental control aim to safeguard your online bank account and credit card number, while protecting personal data stored on a computer, phone or tablet. This means you can enjoy peace of mind wherever you go.

One of the beauties of F-Secure Safe Anywhere is that you can also buy it for friends and relatives, regardless of whether they are NETVIGATOR customers.

Founded in 1988, F-secure is a security software company that has been recognized by annual AV-Test best protection awards over recent years, thereby instilling a high level of confidence among customers.

Computer security
Tight computer security protects against online threats

F-Secure Safe Anywhere offers comprehensive protection and aim to fend off viruses, spyware and other malicious attacks. The secure firewall aim to prevent hacker attacks, so you can browse the web safely without hassle.

Banking Protection
Enjoy peace of mind when banking online

F-Secure Safe Anywhere’s Banking Protection feature aim to block other websites when banking online. It also aim to repel banking Trojans to ensure your transactions remain private, while helping to safeguard your online banking information.

  • Mobile Security
    Protect personal data on your mobile

    F-Secure Safe Anywhere helps you lock and locate a lost
    device, or issue an alarm and wipe data to prevent it falling
    into the wrong hands.

  • Family Rules
    Protect your children from pornographic and violent content

    F-Secure Safe Anywhere's Family Rules allows you to define what your children can and cannot access to help make sure your youngsters cannot access them. You can regulate when they go online to avoid youngsters’ excessive use of the device affecting routine learning and health.

Features by Platforms
  • MAC
Computer security
Detects real time virus attacks
Prevents hacker attacks, using secure firewall
Automatic virus definition updates
Blocking spam and phishing email
Panic button to stop all unwanted traffic
Browsing protection
Blocking harmful sites
Website reputation check
Banking protection
Authenticates online banking websites
Isolates online banking connections
Blocking banking Trojans
Parental control
Filtering content
Surfing time control
Supports database of harmful local and foreign websites
Safe search
Ranking website safety
Mobile security
Checking an application’s privacy permissions
Blocking calls and messages
Finder functions include device locking, locating, alarming and data wiping